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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Colorado Springs

Having a beautiful home comes at some cost. A home is one of the places that you probably spend most of your time. It is also a place where you often welcome visitors. That’s why you need popcorn ceiling removal Colorado Springs to brighten up the look of your home.

Acoustic ceiling removal Colorado Springs is one of the most affordable ways to keep homes free from asbestos. However, it is important to hire a drywall repair Colorado Springs professional to conduct a quality job.


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Steps For Acoustic Ceiling Removal Colorado Springs

Removal of your old-looking popcorn ceiling is one of the best upgrades you can do to your home. It is an easy process that takes barely a day to complete. The most important thing is to ensure that you hire an experienced popcorn removal Colorado Springs company. Below are the steps involved:

Why You Should Opt into Popcorn Ceiling Removal Colorado Springs

Just like any other home improvement project, most homeowners never take popcorn ceiling removal seriously. But there are a number of reasons why you should prioritize acoustic popcorn removal Colorado Springs.

1. Popcorn Ceilings May Have Asbestos

In case your home was built in the 1970s or before that, chances are that the popcorn ceiling installed contains asbestos fibers. This is a big problem because you and your family are at risk of suffering from dangerous diseases such as asbestos cancer, respiratory complications, or mesothelioma.

The use of asbestos was banned by EPA in 1978 despite the fact that asbestos was popularly used in popcorn textures prior to the ban. If you have an old home you suspect was built using asbestos material, the best option is to have it removed.

2. Popcorn Ceilings Make Your Home Appear Old

However much you may try to make the appearance of your home appear new, it will be difficult to convince someone as long as you still have that popcorn ceiling fixed. Just like other fads that come and go, popcorn ceilings have lost their attraction and beauty. The best option is to replace them with modern ceiling types.

3. A Popcorn Ceiling May Lower The Resale Value Of Your Home

There’s no doubt that a popcorn ceiling can lower a home’s resale value. This however doesn’t mean that popcorn ceilings dictate the market prices in the real estate market. But most buyers will tend to stay away from homes that they know will require a lot of renovation after purchasing.

As a seller, it would be better to hire an acoustic ceiling removal Colorado Springs company to increase the value of the home before listing it.

Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Colorado Springs

Popcorn ceiling removal is an art and not everyone can do it perfectly. Besides being messy, improper popcorn removal can negatively affect the underneath substrate or stucco. It is a labor-intensive task that can better be handled by experts.

Cost Of Popcorn Removal Colorado Springs

There are several factors that go into determining the cost of popcorn ceiling removal. They include the following:

Square Footage

Most professional companies charge according to square feet. It goes without saying that removing stucco in several rooms will cost more than doing it in a single room. In case you don’t have the exact footage of your home, the company can only estimate.

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Prep & Setup

Most companies include prep and set-up in the quotation but with a few exceptions, especially if there’s any additional work other than the expected. For example, it is easier to remove an unpainted stucco compared to a painted one.

The other factor is asbestos. The existence of asbestos can make the process of popcorn ceiling removal complicated and costly. This is where you need an experienced company to help you.


The other determining factor is what you would like to do with your ceiling after popcorn removal. Most companies will definitely ask you this question when you call to inquire about popcorn ceiling removal. This is because your answer is likely to directly affect the price of the service.

It is not a must to repaint your ceiling after popcorn removal. However, even if you choose to leave it open, there is some finishing that will be needed. If you decide to paint, then the type of paint will also have an impact on the overall cost.

In a nutshell, popcorn ceilings are no longer favored by most homeowners for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that they contain asbestos that causes cancer.

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